Upcoming talks

Sep 30-Oct 1, 2022: Meeting of Orthodox Women in the Healing Ministries (Holy Dormition Monastery, Michigan): 1. The Scripture is our life: the healing of our mindset; 2. The Scripture is our life: the healing of our pain; 3. The Scripture is our life: the healing of our thoughts. (https://owhm.org)

Oct 29, 2022: Emmaus retreat (Monrovia, Indiana): three talks on “Scriptural interpretation as the encounter of Christ.”

Nov 2-4, 2022: Mississippi River Deanery RetreatOCA (Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Clinton, Mississippi): three talks on “Liturgy and the Life in the Spirit”

November 10-12, 2022: 3rd International Symposium on Biblical Exegesis (Faculty of Letters, History and Theology of the University of the West in Timișoara, Romania–online): “Referent reading: translating the psalms with an I toward tradition”